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Who we are in the District...

District LogoThe District relies on a framework of adult volunteers to run scouting for the young people of the town. These people come all all walks of life and give their spare time as and when it is needed.

These people include managers, group leaders, chairpersons, secretaries, treasurers, skills instructors, trainers and parents. Without these adults scouting simply could not happen.

Specialist skills in the area include, Sailing, Powerboating, Canoeing, Rowing, Shooting and First Aid, and the district contains a large number of Area Training team members.

Chief Scout
Bear Grylls - he became our Chief Scout in July 2009

Area Commissioner
Richard Edwards

District Commissioner
Chris Parsons

Deputy District Commissioner
Geoff Peart

District Chairman
Dave Davies

District Secretary
Amanda Lawrence

District Treasurer
Keith Williams

Appointments Secretary
Lesley Bryan

Appointments Chairman
Tim Cox

District Beaver Leader
Su Osbourne

District Cub Leader
Neil Murray

District Scout leader
Baz Dyer

District Leader 14 - 25
Ben Bertera

District Explorer Leaders for Young Leaders
Cathie Steele

District Local Training Manager
Susan Evans


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