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11th Barry Beavers and Cubs take on Houses of Parliament
(Feb 2015)

11th Barry in the houses of Parliament

So what do you do with a group of Beavers and cubs on the first day of half term? Hire a coach and go to London.

About a year ago a Scout from 11th Barry Sea Scouts decided to hold a fund raising evening to raise over £500 to fund the purchase of a new Shelter Box for the Young Shelter Box Appeal. Amongst the guests was Alun Cairns MP who extended an invitation to the Scout and members of the 11th Barry Sea Scout Group to join him in a tour of Westminster Palace.

So early on February 16th, a rather wet and dark monday morning the Beavers, Cubs, helpers and Leaders of 11th Barry along with our new District Commissioner, Chris Parsons, boarded a coach and made their way to London.

First stop was the Imperial War Museum where after a bit of lunch the Beavers and Cubs spent time wondering around the various exhibits and buying presents from the gift shop.

After the Imperial War Museum, we walked up to Lambeth Bridge and then walked along the Thames, past Lambeth Palace Gardens and on to Westminster Bridge.

Passing through security at Westminster we headed to Westminster Hall where we were met by Mr Cairns and Hannah Kentish, The Scouts Associations's first ever UK Youth Commissioner. Mr Cairns introduced himself to the Beavers and Cubs and then told them about the History of the hall including how Henry VIII used to play tennis in the hall which facinated them.

Mr Cairns then took us for a short walk through the Palace to the Palmerston Room where he explained to the Beavers and Cubs how Paliament works and answered lots of questions. Chris Parsons then spent several minutes talking to the Beavers and Cubs before handing over to Hannah Kentish who explained a little about what she does.

Akela then took over and called up five Beavers who where linking with Cubs. These five then made the Cub Promise and were invested into Cubs. A Quieter than normal B.R.A.V.O. was shouted out by all the cubs to welcome the new members.

Chris Parsons took the floor again to make a couple of presentaions to the leaders. Firstly Bryan Foley , Group Scout Leader for 11th Barry Sea Scout Group was presented his 15 years Service Award. Lastly Assistant Beaver Section Leader, Stephanie Murray, was presented her Wood Badge. The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia awarded to adults by Headquarters to denote completion of the course of training required for their role. The Wood Badge consists of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with Scout uniform.

Bryan Foley took the opportunity to present Mr Cairns and Hannah with an 11th Barry Necker each.

After saying out thank yous and goodbyes to Mr Cairns and Hannah the Cubs and Beavers were then given a fascinanting tour of the Palace which included the House of Lords and House of commons.

Following the tour we made our way back to our coach and started our return journey to Barry.

An exciting day was had by all with many memories to talk about.

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